How Our In-Person Tutoring in Kent Works

 At Grade Potential, we strive to ensure tutoring is convenient for you. We know that our customers need their children to be capable of achieve their academic ambitions—without having to meet a ton of road blocks to do so.

That’s why, we’re honored to deliver tailored, in-home tutoring services of the best variety.

To cater to the busy schedules of our customers, our expert tutors can schedule sessions with students in their house (or wherever is most convenient) and adapt to their routine.

Reach out now so we can begin the process of finding you the best for you!

The Best Teachers in Kent

Our dedicated instructors are all talented educators who are approachable, excel at at what they do, and are ready to work with you!

Our Kent instructors possess the necessary subject matter expertise and are skilled communicators. 

Excellent Customer Service and Support

Because we place so much importance on our client service, Grade Potential has an especially great and collaborative office staff that will give you the best customer service experience.

Adaptable In-Person Tutoring in Kent Options

Our dedicated instructors work around your agenda. We respect that you have a lot going on, so we have at home and online tutoring services that are adaptable to you.

Do you offer private tutoring services for my unique needs?
We have experienced and kind instructors for all subject matter and grade levels willing to provide anything your child needs. We also tutor college coursework and test prep. Our team of educators is made up of talented individuals who are ambitious, good at what they do and excited about educating. We consistently work only with instructors who have the proper subject matter expertise but also who are proficient at communicating.
What subject matter and grades do you specialize in?
Whether it’s for K-12 math or college-level economics, every home tutoring educator offers customized assistance designed to direct students towards their goals. Our tutors cover all the subjects with our tutoring sessions, and tutor primary grades all the way through grad school. We respect that you desire your children (or yourself) to accomplish all their goals without having to remove so many barriers to get there. That’s why we offer individualized face-to-face or online tutoring options for all subject areas, grade levels, learning styles and for standardized test prep from the comfort of your home.
Is there a physical center?
We understand that facilitating family logistics can be an obstacle! To that end, instead of you traveling to a tutoring center, our tutors meet you at your desired tutoring site (or online) and work with your agenda. You won’t have to lose time dealing with traffic jams. We can come to your residence after school or any other time 7 days a week.
What standardized assessments do you offer tutoring for?
Assessments are a huge piece of the education journey. We strive to give your learner the positive attitude they need to excel on test day. It’s also why Grade Potential supplies test prep tutors who are exceptionally suited to that student’s goals We provide test prep tutoring for ACT, GRE, LSAT, CBEST, TEAS, STAR, ISEE, SAT, ASVAB, GMAT, MCAT, CSET, PSAT, SSAT and many other assessments! The personalized attention provided by Grade Potential teachers makes all the difference in building proper test-taking skills.

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