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How can I get started with an English tutor in Kent?

If you’re ready to get started with an English Tutor in Kent, contact us by completing the contact form below. A helpful member of our team will contact you to talk through your academic goals and set up a plan of action.

How is Grade Potential’s English tutoring services different from the traditional classroom?

With our private English tutoring services in Kent, students can progress at their own speed to absorb a topic. The quickness of learning is entirely based on the student’s confidence with the subject, while in the conventional classroom environment, all students are held to the same standard which may not be the right fit for all students.

Moreover, the teacher might lack the bandwidth to offer private instruction for every student. Our educators are not limited to a single curriculum or teaching method, rather they are encouraged to customize their approach to the learner. 

What are the pros of working with English tutors in Kent?

At Grade Potential, you work with the best English tutors, we will begin with an assessment to understand where the student is in his/her understanding in the proposed subject. This gives the foundation to design a personalized tutoring plan. Alternatively, you can skip the evaluation and dive right in wherever support is most needed. The biggest benefit of partnering with a Grade Potential English Tutor is that the plan is completely adjustable to the student’s needs.

We believe that education doesn’t have to be a one-size-fits-all skill, but alternatively, must be tailored to the student. When that happens they’re more apt to excel and retain the data.

How do I combine Kent English tutoring with the student’s regular school work?

If you’re unsure of how our English Tutor can fit in with your student’s primary schoolwork, we can discuss your concerns and schedule to ensure we design the correct strategy that blends the two. All that’s needed is a mobile, internet-enabled device for a session which can be between school and soccer practice, or in the home, or at your nearby library on the weekend!

Let’s get the perfect English tutor for you!

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